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Four Ways You Can Seek Back Pay for an Unpaid Internship



Don’t worry: at least one you can do confidentially.

From the article:

The Labor Department says if you are interning at a for-profit company, your employer needs to pay you at least minimum wage if any of these things are true:

Know the Labor Department’s guidelines.

  1. your internship does not resemble an educational environment
  2. the internship is not for your benefit
  3. you displace regular employees
  4. your employer derives immediate benefit from your work
  5. your employer promised you a paid job at the end of your unpaid internship
  6. your employer promised you wages

Are you interning for academic credit? That doesn’t necessarily make unpaid internships legal. The guidelines say if a college provides credit and oversight, an unpaid internship is more likely to be okay because it’s closer to an “educational environment.” But if you are, for example, “filing, performing other clerical work, or assisting customers” without pay, then the arrangement may be illegal, even if you are receiving credit, because that work provides an “immediate advantage” to your employer.


Note that ANY. not all, ANY.  If any of those were true, you should have been paid.

Also of note: New York state has even stricter standards.  Be sure to click through to the full article if you’ve ever had an unpaid internship. 

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